Richmond, Virginia’s (RVA) water polo club

Welcome to RVA Water Polo, we welcome all water polo abilities, whether you’re exploring the sport for the first time or an experienced player, come join us!

We are currently practicing, but due to COVID, we have strict social distancing practices in place the every member of the team must adhere to in order to participate in practice. Practices will be loosely structured and focused on swimming/treading sets and non-contact drills.

Individuals may opt-in or out as desired, but it is critical that we adhere strictly to social distancing and NOVA policies while present at the facility. The most critical actions you need to take before driving to NOVA are:

1. You must be a current member of USA Water Polo. Current members are listed at the bottom of this email. If your name is not listed, you must join prior to attending practice. Please reach out separately with questions.

2. If you are a current member of USA Water Polo, you still need to log on to their website and complete their updated waiver. You will be prompted as soon as you log in.

3. BRING and WEAR your facemask at all times while in the building (except while in the water).

4. WEAR your swimsuit to practice — locker rooms are closed, no deck-changing.

5. Pretend you’re at the grocery store and maintain 6 feet of distance from other humans as much as possible (My understanding is that swim lessons are happening before our practice time so expect the presence of other folks in the building when you arrive).

Practices are on Wednesdays and Sundays at the NOVA Aquatic Center in the West End of Richmond, Virginia. Practice times are subject to change based on pool availability, so check out the calendar below for specific practice times.

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